What will slot machines look like in the future?

We are truly in a time far from when players simply had to lower the handle of a slot machine to try to win. We have evolved since then and have the technological means allowing us to enjoy more and more innovative games and particularly immersive methods of play. The publishers responsible for developing one-armed bandits are now full of innovation and imagination and distribution vectors to create state-of-the-art games like those found on online casino sites like Casino. be for example.

Their priority is to offer casino owners the opportunity to offer ever more games in their catalogs, by allowing them to offer their members virtual slots that are out of the ordinary, in order to attract new and numerous player profiles within their platform. Major groups known as Barrière look every day to adapt their games and their services in the era of time, trying to always innovate while remaining at the forefront of technology. But, even if nowadays we can easily find many games in catalogs, compatible with the most ultra-modern systems of the moment…what can the future hold for us?!

We are at the start of the era of virtual reality, a concept that will necessarily evolve decade after decade to necessarily give us the impression of being ever more immersed in a game, without leaving home. The prestigious Tranchant group, for example, has recently bet on 3D as we begin to see the arrival of virtual reality games and equally crazy projects for the coming years.

Two casino giants betting on technology

Among the major players in the world of casinos and games, we find the Barrière group and the Tranchant group. They particularly stand out from the others, because they both take particular care to launch in preview, thanks to excessive finances, all the new styles of games that use new technologies. These two groups have become well aware that the promise of winning is no longer enough for new generation players who invest in their establishments. The latter actually want to take advantage of one-armed bandits that could be described as more “sexy”, which therefore directly involve the player himself in the action in order to renew the experience. The player has an insatiable need for novelties,

The Tranchant group is taking exceptional measures to increase the attractiveness of the sixteen casinos under its management. It spends almost 3 million euros a year on research, and also benefits from the innovations developed by its subsidiary Alioscopy, which holds about twenty patents around 3D innovation without glasses to reproduce depth effects. That we will find within 10 years in most virtual slot machine games which will allow players to take advantage of this technology which will transpose them into the heart of breathtaking games during which they can then enjoy fantastic 3D animations in case of winnings.

Barrière, for its part, relies on technology, but also on the fun side of the game.
Barrière has set its sights on features and options that make the games much more fun. It already has slot machines with 3D graphics coupled with a sensor that tracks the player’s gaze during the games in order to adjust the movements of the various animations on the screen. We will certainly find in the decades to come more and more of this type of machine, coupled with vibrating seats which will then react faithfully to the different actions of the game.

And in 20 years?

It is very likely that we find more and more slot machine games in casinos, and on the internet, allowing you to no longer play alone in front of your slot. Barrière has already been offering this technology and this concept for only some time, through network-connected slot machines that allow players who use them to share an interactive space when one of the machine’s bonuses is triggered. He even managed to establish a system where two teams of players are then formed to compete in crazy bonus mini-games in order to grab as many winning credits as possible. There are more and more modern slot machines. They are in the process of modeling their functionalities on those of arcade games gradually.

What do games have in store for us in 50 years?

In 50 years we will all be immersed in another world by staying at home. We know, for example, that the famous slot machine Gonzo’s Quest, from NetEnt, will very soon land in virtual reality. And this is only the beginning, announcing a vast game adaptation operation that will follow the evolution of virtual reality headsets that will be developed, adapted, improved and above all ever more powerful over the decades to come. If the world of casinos is turning more and more towards virtual reality these days, it’s a safe bet that it will be an integral part of all land-based gaming establishments, but also in our living room to play via the internet. and its ever-increasing connection speeds. But if we are only at the beginning,

Virtual reality, more commonly known as VR (Virtual Reality) is indeed a newcomer to the territory of the online gaming universe, but it’s a safe bet that this innovative virtual reality system that propels casino enthusiasts in an extraordinarily well-made world, will be the most widespread support around the next casino games, as the firm NetEnt has been able to demonstrate, which has remained in fact a kind of innovator since January 2017, by presenting its famous game Gonzo’s Quest in VR version and which will perhaps become the pioneer of 100% virtual casino gaming in 50 years…