The strategy to really win at blackjack

Covering your costs and making a profit on your investment in a game like blackjack, like all other casino games, is a particularly difficult undertaking, but one that is still very much possible. We offered you articles on our portal, explaining to you that blackjack is in fact the casino game with the smallest advantage that the casino has over the players. This is one reason why it is strongly advised to employ a basic strategy or even advanced game methods to optimize your chances of winning against the dealer. We will first study the different types of players and the strategies they put in place, then we will end our dossier with a long chapter on the playing conditions to be respected in order not to come out a loser.

The different groups of blackjack players

Blackjack players can indeed be divided into four distinct groups defined according to their experience, their habits and their styles of play. We find the basic player, who plays occasionally when he visits a casino from time to time. He usually plays in games with small limits. They are rather shy players on the stakes, who suffer heavy losses in percentage of their capital, because they rarely bet and are rather cautious. They are the ones who win the least games and therefore win the most.

Then there are the experienced players. Here we find experienced players who have played many hands in their lives. But even if they have table practice to their credit, they haven’t really fully assimilated basic strategy and haven’t really evolved into an advanced game, leaving the chances of winning diminished over the games. So these players have accumulated enough experience to know some of the basic strategy pieces, but not enough to take full advantage of them. Even though they do know when to play a certain hand, fold to another, or split or double from time to time, they still lack the big picture and all of the basic strategy to be able to get closer to wins. opposite the casino. Because they have knowledge and they play good sums of money at parties, they are particularly profitable, because they easily fall into the red in the long term and continue to come back to play at the casino which particularly appreciates them, because they lose money regularly. This is the favorite group of casino players.

Then we find, for the third group of player styles, the basic strategy players. This is the penultimate type of group and yet the first category of blackjack players for which you can say that everything is going well. These players perfectly master the appropriate strategy for each hand, like a godsend. When they are seated on a table, the croupier shakes and the casino verges on cardiac arrest, because these basic strategy players can play as if they were at home, with complete serenity and above all confidence. They know the rules inside out and actually use them wisely. They know when to make bets or not, and even when the casino wins, they manage to recover and take profits from their games.

For the fourth and last group of player styles, we find a basic strategy sometimes considered to be the best. It is adopted by the so-called recreational players, those people who play blackjack simply for the experience of the game and the pleasure. They then put profit in the background, and come to relax after work, sometimes seeking the great thrill of the casino adventure. But even though casinos still manage to make money from these basic strategy players, they are still welcome to play, like the previous two groups.

Now that we’ve seen the different groups of blackjack player types, let’s analyze the optimal playing conditions you need to meet to feel comfortable and potentially win against the casino.

Optimal conditions for playing blackjack

If you often read our articles published on our portal or that you sometimes frequent land-based casinos with an interest in games of chance, you know full well that the casino always has a real advantage over the player, especially when gambling. in blackjack, unless the latter uses, for example, card counting. But as we have just seen quite often also, this advantage varies according to the rules of the gaming establishment and it is enough to follow a basic strategy to reduce its disadvantage, in order to sometimes exceed the casino thanks to the bonuses received.

The first thing to know is that you must play a minimum number of hands. This approach is very useful because, mathematically speaking, you will always lose more hands than you win. Therefore, by reducing the number of hands, you lose less money, but get the same number of bonuses.

The other important factor that the blackjack player must consider is simply the speed of the game. This is highly dependent on objective and subjective factors. We find for example in terms of objective factor, the number of players at the table. It makes sense that a game with only two players ends faster than one with six people at the table. With regard to the example of the subjective factor, we can for example find it around the croupier, who works in fact in a rhythm of play which is usual for him. The thing you need to remember and memorize about the pace of play is that speed is important for those using basic strategy and is also a key factor when choosing a table at the casino. .

Games in which the player holds the cards
Games where the cards are dealt face down and held by the players are actually much slower than their alternative, but still less common in casinos. Hand or rail games are actually the slowest while relatively fast games are those for which automatic continuous card shuffling machines are used.

The factor of the number of players

We have just told you about it a little higher, but we must come back to it, because it is important. The number of players participating at the table, in the same game as you, and the number of hands they use is the second factor that you must obviously take into account. By some logic, the more players play, the longer the game will last. The difference in the number of hands played can have a really dramatic effect on your game and increase the potential for expected losses. Sometimes you will win more money if you play alone, facing the dealer, rather than being seated in a crowded game. You will therefore have to choose between opting for a solitary game, which is more intimate, or a game with many players, which is more convivial.

Don’t forget the dealer

Indeed, it is also important to take into consideration that it is not only the rules of the game to know and the number of players participating in the game that only influence the pace of the game. It is also the social interaction and communication with the dealer who can be manipulated by your pace, knowing that you also have the power to subtly change the speed of a game. Dealers sometimes play an important role in setting the speed of the game.

Some are quick, tight-lipped, even quiet and hasty. Others are talkative and work at a moderate pace, but remember that you are the master of your own hand. It should therefore not be forgotten that a croupier who would like to speed up the game by making the decisions himself, for example, without waiting for the player’s approval, is in a position of flagrant violation of the rules. To practice blackjack and deepen your knowledge of the game itself, we invite you, for example, to test the games in a virtual casino such as which offers many virtual versions of blackjack in free demonstration versions.