The Different Types of Casino Players

If in life we ​​are all inclined to make many different choices and actions depending on the situation, the fact remains that these are most of the time always decided by our personal motivations. And that’s exactly what happens when we frequent gaming establishments like casinos, whether online or land-based, we all have different motivations for gambling. Our little file today focuses on the behavior and especially the motivations of the main players. We note, for example, that people who go to a land-based casino for the very first time will tend to choose to test their luck at the slot machines. It is a wise choice, but also logical, because, unlike table games such as blackjack, baccarat or poker.

Very different profiles

You can be sure that casino players have very different characteristics and there are as many men as women, of all ages, and with very different social situations that make up this panel. We will therefore try to determine what the different types of casino players are, even if we have come to the conclusion that there are indeed 4 very distinctive types of player profiles that we will present to you now.

Profile 1 – fun and feel of the game above all else

It is in fact the type of profile which represents in mass and very certainly the greatest part of the players. They play for fun and to pass the time. These are people for whom the game is only a distraction to which they like to devote themselves only during their free time, when all their other priority activities, which therefore come to the fore, are over. For this type of person, playing is absolutely not synonymous with relentlessness and they can therefore very quickly stop a gaming session if they start to get bored. We can say that this player profile is the most free, because it is not the game that controls them, but rather the opposite.
Yes, it is not a legend! There are many people who only want to have fun playing and even if they often use the fun game mode offered most of the time by online casinos, they also sometimes play in real mode while carefully managing their wallet.

Profile 2- make money

These are people who have a profile more in keeping with the spirit of an investor. Their primary ambition is to clearly make a profit when they deposit real money at the casino of their choice. The main goal of these players is therefore to earn money, while keeping this spirit of fun. One would think that this rather venal behavior is quite disturbing, but it is absolutely not the case. You should know that we all have this hope of gain, naturally and instinctively, deep inside us when we play gambling. This type of profile corresponds to players who particularly appreciate slots and one-armed bandits, purely for profit and are looking for no deposit bonuses to maximize their winnings and their chances.

The most important thing in this story, when you go with this objective, is to realize and understand that there is always a chance of winning, but also of losing when you indulge in gambling. It’s a detail that is important and when you lose, you have to know how to accept it. Otherwise, a person who wants to redo immediately falls into profile type 3, approaching a slightly more vicious circle that we are going to reveal to you now.

Profile 3- redo at all costs

A player who switches to this type of behavior which is to redo at all costs when he lost in the casino is not really a good thing at all for him. It is really advisable never to play to remake yourself. This is also the reason why we often explain to you on our portal and on various articles on gambling, that you must always put a financial limit on yourself in order to completely accept defeat calmly in the event that the ‘we lose all our budget. If you’re ever one of those kind of players who plays with the idea of ​​getting back together, it’s because the main danger lies in the fact that you may not really be on your good day and that luck is not on your side. finally not smiling. It is certain that in this case, you lose even more money.

Profile 4- The gambling addict

All the major honest and responsible online casinos, such as, for example, offer information on this subject on their platform to prevent addiction, fight it or to protect yourself from it. And it is not for nothing since it is here, incontestably, the most dangerous behavior for a land-based or online casino player. This one will constantly play his money in an uncontrolled and impulsive way. They are compulsive gamblers who also bet when they lose and who replay their winnings once the games have been won. These are players who, in the end, no longer really enjoy playing and who sometimes even manage to put aside their passions or even their priorities such as social or family life.