How to choose the right online casino

Nowadays, the field of gambling and online casino sites are more and more emulated. But you really have to be careful on which platform you want to entrust your money to bet on if you plan to register on one of these operators. There are many who don’t really respect the players and waste a lot of money on them by using not really honest methods.

Check the reputation of the casino

It is therefore essential to be well informed and the internet particularly facilitates the task for players in this regard. The first good advice we can give you is never to rush to the first link offered when you display a casino search on the web, on a search engine. You can trust, for example, the Casino Industry Awards which reward the largest online casinos, through a prize awarded according to its integrity and its services. But you should know that seniority can also be a criterion of choice for finding your casino, because it is necessarily considered a guarantee of quality and seriousness in this highly regulated online world. Most of the time, if a site is particularly bad or seems unreliable.

Locate the licenses

Another important point to which you should pay particular attention is safety. It is indeed necessary to control the security that the casinos offer for their players and it will therefore be more interesting and reassuring for you to favor sites with a charter composed of strict rules which ensure the security of their members in their T&Cs. To identify the most reliable, simply check whether the sites have a European license or one issued by ARJEL. They are indeed the best when it comes to protecting their players. But don’t be afraid, because if you can’t recover your winnings or suffer any disputes with an online establishment,

But registering on sites certified by these regulatory firms ensures that you play on sites that comply with the legislation in force, and allows you to bet legally on operators who are regularly checked by these specialized bodies. They have a lot to lose in the event of a fault, because if they no longer meet the standards set, they will then see their certification seal withdrawn. By adopting a site like this, you can bet your money with peace of mind thanks to the integrity and fairness of the games.

Analyze the redistribution rate

No need here to make scholarly calculations or to have a mastery of mathematics to know these data which remain important. You should indeed be wary of the payout rates of online casinos. Indeed, it is interesting to note that your chances of winning can vary considerably from one casino to another, and that for some of them, this rate is much too low by keeping all the bets without allowing the players to benefit from it. . You must be able to consult the payout rates, which are generally around 95-98%, as is the case, for example, with, which we strongly recommend among the most generous sites. These rates are also much higher than land-based casinos,

Don’t neglect the payment

Most online casinos offer many different ways to deposit money. They are easily and quickly made available to players, and all you have to do is choose the one that best suits you from those offered by the site. We usually find the bank card, the check, the prepaid card, Neteller, Clickandbuy, Moneybookers, Ecocard or an electronic wallet for example. Pay attention, however, to the sums of money offered and the minimum bets and withdrawals imposed.

Pay attention to withdrawal deadlines

We have just seen it in the previous point. It is important to check the processing times for a withdrawal, which are generally acceptable when they vary between 1 to 3 days depending on the method of payment chosen. If you do it by credit card, the operation will take a little longer than via Neteller for example, the latter having the advantage of carrying out financial transactions directly.

Rate customer service

This is one of the strengths of all the best casinos. The availability of the site’s information services to respond quickly and efficiently to all requests, questions on the site or to solve a problem related to the platform or your account. It must therefore be easily accessible and above all available every day, in your language if possible, in order to be able to provide you with the best information.

Casino, for example, is dedicated to offering you the best online casino experience with customer service that is always there to assist you via chat, email or telephone. They are among the best with this objective that they have set themselves to always answer you within 30 minutes. What is important when you know that what really counts is ultimately the seriousness of the site employees as well as the response time. If we have one last good piece of advice for you on this point, it is that it is best not to register at a casino that does not offer a “contact us” style section. You must easily access information about the casino site and be assured of the effectiveness of its security and its means of withdrawals.

Judge by presentation

Even if the general design of a casino is not very sought after, this does not prevent them from being qualified as being quality sites, being for example exploited by a large firm in the middle of online gambling. Some sites offer 3D games with elaborate graphics, others still have a rather sober presentation, but the main thing is to feel comfortable there, to find everything you are looking for by limiting the number of clicks and to navigate on a well-structured platform, and if possible with well-detailed and provided headings. But be careful though, because as the old adage says so well: “the habit does not make the monk”.

The catalog of games offered

You will inevitably come across various kinds of online casinos during your search. There are indeed platforms which specialize in a particular type of game, for example slot machines and other more general ones which offer many more different games such as craps, roulette, video poker, blackjack, progressive cards, baccarat and poker, to name but a few. The most important lies in the need to be able to find these games in a paid version, to play for real money, but also in a fictitious version, to play on free demonstrations. You might as well try the games before you start betting money. Once you master them,

Watch for bonuses

Many 1st deposit bonus offers have been particularly popular in recent years. These are offers offered to new players and which allow them to benefit sometimes up to 400% in addition to the sum deposited in the account. Although there are rare sites offering no deposit bonuses, these are generally not very large and therefore remain accessible. Some casinos offer bonuses exclusively reserved for our Belgian residents and others invite you to enter a promotional code allowing you to receive money when you register. We hope you now have a better idea of ​​what to do when choosing your online casino!