The history of online casinos

You certainly suspect that online casinos are a direct lineage of land-based casinos, their ancestors. But you’d be surprised to learn that they’re not the only ones. Indeed, these online casinos also have their origins in the first gaming software, the democratization of the internet and in the regulatory commissions, spread all over the world today. These are all 4 main ancestors of this virtual gaming system. We now invite you to go back in time slightly to explain and determine together the premises of online casinos with more precision and to discover their advantages.

The software behind virtual casinos

The second source of the origin of virtual casino games after land-based gaming establishments. A large part of land-based casinos grew tired of mechanical systems fairly quickly in the 1970s. They therefore had no choice but to try to innovate in order to compete against ever-increasing competition. It was at this time that the first software landed, gradually replacing the first one-armed bandits made from scrap metal. In those years, the resolutions were minimal and therefore the programs offered rather mediocre, although revolutionary, graphics. Indeed, these represented a real novelty and became the pillars of the digital revolution that humanity experienced until 1990. The very first software of this basic and innovative type offered a virtual blackjack game. And this is how, little by little, screens conquered the world by winning gaming rooms while, however, requiring this technology to constantly monitor constant adjustments.

Internet is becoming more democratic

The third source of the origin of virtual casino games after software. Each land-based casino offered a beginning of digital technology in the late 1990s. However, it was almost impossible for a bettor or player to play in the casino and bet money on a computer. It was then American soldiers who upset the sector by developing the Internet following extensive research into intercommunication set up by the Research and Development Corporation in partnership with the US Air Force. Very quickly, consumption habits were totally upset by this revolution and the first networks were born quickly behind. They allowed hundreds, then thousands of users to access common game systems in the first place and then evolved to what we know today. Currently, it is still the Internet that allows us to enjoy the same games within a single site with optimal coverage, online casino games were officially born!

The gaming commissions

Last source of the origin of online casinos, it is in 1994 that the signing of an agreement, called Free Trade and Processing Zone Act by the independent territory of Antigua and Barbuda, represented a first important step in the creation of structures officially surrounded and completely legal, allowing players to be able to have fun online in complete safety and simplicity.
It was therefore the very first to issue licenses to online gambling operators. But it was necessary to respect certain rigorous conditions and they were all already in the obligation to answer beforehand a certain number of criteria. We can certainly say that this Free Trade and Processing Zone Act is probably the founding law of legal online gambling and it was the Microgaming provider that we find on almost all online casinos today, which was the one of the very first to emerge following the signing of this law. The firm then created its premises on the Isle of Man, another independent territory which then founded its own gaming commission. The following ? And many more regulatory bodies sprang up around the world.

The advantages of online casinos

But what are the advantages of online casinos over land-based casinos? It lies mainly in the need for players to have fun without constraints. A large number of players, who are usually fans of land-based casinos, sometimes show interest in the games they find there. Unfortunately for some, they do not necessarily feel comfortable in the noisy atmosphere of a land-based casino where many people gravitate around them, play, talk and make noise. It is precisely the latter, who do not really want to see people around them watching them while they are playing, for example, who have tended to fall back quickly on online casinos in recent years. And they can afford it.

The game when you want!

This is the main quality of the virtual casino. Offer its registered members to play from anywhere and anytime. No more constraints to display any “dress code” to be able to enter the casino and play your favorite games. When you play at an online casino, you can now do so from the comfort of your home, in slippers or socks on your sofa or from any other place giving you access to the internet or a Wi-Fi access. You are absolutely no longer subject to the constraints concerning the betting time and will therefore have the chance to be able to take all the time necessary before betting. Another obvious advantage: you can play at any time of the day or night.

Games galore at online casinos

Online casinos offer you a greater choice of games than land-based establishments which, despite their efforts to diversify their games in the halls, will never be able to offer as much as online casinos that are very advantaged on this side. You are guaranteed to find the casino game of your choice in just a few clicks on a gaming platform such as for example. Another advantage? The availability ! Indeed, no more having to wait for another player to finish his game to be able to sit in front of the slot machine he was occupying. This is often the case in land-based casinos and it can quickly become frustrating.

Bonuses offered

Land-based casinos sometimes offer gifts, loyalty points, VIP cards, but this is really incomparable with the insane bonus offers that are also specific to online casinos. Online casinos are operators that reward online players with generous bonuses from their first deposit! Finally, you should know that the payout rate of online casinos, according to serious studies, is much more interesting than in land-based gaming establishments. Finally, online gaming platforms offer their games in real money version to bet with your credits on your accounts, but also in paid demo version, to bet without risk, to practice or simply to test the machine on which you would then like pass by paying!